The AMA Clubs aim to have members share in the cost of buying land, put simply a lot of people putting in a little bit of money each = AMA Clubs member only use properties. These properties are to be defined as Recreation and Education use areas and that they shall be located within an easy 1.5 hours drive from any major Australian city.

Farm gateThe AMA Clubs has an annual Property Membership just for this purpose and it has a one off Trust Fee at sign up. This Trust fee is to be simply pooled until there is enough money to buy land. The annual Property Membership fee shall be used for the management and maintenance of the properties.

Depending upon the size of a property, a manager may be engaged to oversee the property and be housed and remunerated accordingly. If it's only a small property all you'll probably see is grass. If it's a medium size property, there might be a creek or dam, maybe a few cows, even some chooks. Large properties will most likely have a farm house, sheds and multiple use areas for camping and other recreation pursuits.

Access to any AMA Clubs property is to be through a pin coded locked gate. AMA Clubs property locations, pin codes and other details are to be provided upon acknowledgement and acceptance of AMA Property Membership.


The aim of the AMA Clubs recreation use properties is to bring back the weekender - a special place where you can take the family camping and enjoy the outdoors.


The AMA Clubs endorse the ideal, 'every young Australian should experience a significant part of their driving or riding education 'off road.’